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Personalized Chatbots

Make your web- and Facebook page fun & personalized while interactively helping your current and future customers. But they are not only fun and useful for your (potential) customers. It saves you valuable time as well. They: 🤷‍♀️ Take care of FAQs 📥 Gather newsletter leads 📆 Make appointments 🎁 Do tailored offers 🛒 Take (food)orders 👍 Gather feedback Why ? Because they're fun for your current and future clients and actually useful and time-saving for both of you.

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Beautiful Websites/-apps

🤩 Simple websites, e.g. personal portfolio site 🛒 More complex websites, e.g. job board, custom marketplace, online courses 🗂 Directory (web)apps 🍕 Booking and food-ordering (web)apps Why ? Because your webpage is your MVP for success 🚀.

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Workflow Automation

Work smarter, not harder, by taking advantage of automation. Without doing anything yourself: 📆 Make appointments 📜 Send docs before a meeting ⁉️ Remind them of action list items 🤑 Send invoices automatically Goodbye tedious tasks! Hello time (=/& money)! Why ? Decrease your low-value workload and be able to increase your value delivery to customers 🚀.

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